How To Find The Best Camping Generator

Looking for a camping generator can be hard if you don't know what you are really looking for. With so many options of generators out there how do you really know what you should be looking for. Trying to generate power for your computer, your stove, laptop and coffee maker can be hard so picking the best one for extended camping trips can be difficult. I recommend that you pick a bigger brand portable generator for example Honda or Yamaha for your camping trips.

A 2000 watt Honda generator is a good choice because it runs quite and there really no reason for it take up to much of your figuring it out. The generator runs really quiet and can power most about anything that you throw it's way. It really doesn't need a lot of gas and can be powered for a while. This can powered a 2-3 person operation on a R.V. any day. One thing I'd do is add a inverter this way you can charge anything from batteries for your R.V. or extra car and power boat.

The two types of alternators are the standard and the inverter. Standard alternators are made up of heavy copper coils that generate AC electricity.With a rotation speed of 3,600 rpm's a camping generator can get very noisy quickly, why this happens it is need to generate enough rotation speed to produce power. Naturally, this type of generator can consume large amounts of fuel. It's important to know that standard alternators are really not the best for electronics since they don't produce enough clean energy like a power plug at home.

Inverter generators, on the other hand, produce DC electricity which is then converted to clean AC power at the output connections. Inverter generators are alot lighter and are very portable. The engine can run at different speeds depending on the load and that reduces both the noise and the fuel consumption.

Another major innovation in some inverter generators is a full GFCI [ground-fault circuit interrupter] sensor now available on some makes and models. This system monitors and protects against ground faults on all outlets, not just the 120V duplex outlets like on most generators. This system is also more durable and reliable than standard GFCI outlets, which are known as high-maintenance items.

Finding the best portable generator is not always the easiest decision.Whatever, the choice you make you'll come to love your new generator! They come in handy in whatever situation you might be in from emergencies to outdoor camping they are a great thing to have in your box of tools and come in handy when you least expect it.