The Planning Of A Caravan Holiday

Many families decide to go camping during the busy school and work periods in order to get away and take a break from everything. This is a great way to bond with your family sharing memories and laughing at stories around the campfire.

It's important to establish how many people are travelling, what type of accommodation you will have, whether you will be using a caravan or not, what kind of cooking equipment you will need (if any); as this will reflect the holiday budget.

In order to avoid problems and upsets when you are camping, it's best to choose the correct and essential equipment adequately.

Tents are usually the choice for setting up camp and if you are thinking of using one, make sure it is large enough to be comfortable. An average person needs 30sq feet of space to have enough room and comfort.

Another important item in your list would be a suitable sleeping bag. There is a huge range of bags available to suit every shape, size and taste. Have a look at the weather forecast of the place you are visiting, this way you can have a rough idea of how warm your sleeping bag needs to be.

No camping trip is complete without some hot meals in the evenings. You need to decide whether you are eating out or cooking yourself. If you decide to do the latter make sure you have all the necessary implements to cook as your body will need all the energy possible while you are away.

If you are doing your own cooking it's advisable to get the standard two-burner portable cooker found in most camping shops. You will also need to source the correct type of cooking gas, usually butane or propane depending where you live. A small pot and frying pan and you are set to cook outdoors.

Undoubtedly using a caravan or a recreational vehicle is a great option for added comfort and facilities, as it provides a better equipped living space at the campsite. Consider buying a caravan porch awning; you will enjoy all the extra living quarters you get. At a campsite the more space you have, the more comfort you will feel.

The best suggestion one can give is to be well prepared and think in advance about what gear you will need. It's wise to spend a little more when budgeting for equipment and travel costs, as this can be the difference between an enjoyable and a stressful holiday.